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Our products include pallets, skids, and crates in hardwood, softwood, euro, ISPM, #15 & IPPC certified materials, CPC and GMA food grade pallets, pharmaceutical grade pallets and skids, heavy load specific items and more.  

Barco’s up-to-date milling, automated nailing, and hand nailing equipment gives us the capability to manufacture almost any type of wooden packaging at any quantity. Our production capabilities are more than 5000 pallets per day.

For anyone using pallets
If you are using any new pallets, let our experts come and see what they can do to save you time and money; in the process they may eliminate any problems you may have had in the past or are having with your current pallets. Barco uses the most advanced pallet design and loading simulation program available in order to target a required use, while minimizing the cost to you. If you would like a standard pallet quoted, we would be more than happy to provide one, please e-mail us or fill out our online quotation form.

In the food or Pharmaceuticals industry?
If you have had trouble with cleanliness, contamination or wet pallets, let Barco show you why our food grade customers swear by us. A rigorous multi-step quality assurance program, and manned sawdust removal and inspection station makes sure every single pallet that is built is inspected by a person trained specifically to your needs. Our newly constructed warehouse ensures your pallets are always stored inside.

In the chemical industry, or transporting heavy loads?
We also cater heavily to the chemical industry, barrel pallets and heavy-duty loads. Custom solutions and redesigns for your specific facility is where our hands on approach and expertise can really show on your bottom line.

Do you currently rent Pallets?
If you are tired of paying ridiculous rental fees for pallets sitting in your warehouse, let us design a multi trip wooden pallet, and repair program. If you need to track your pallet float we have a partner in the industry that provides inventory management services for all types of returnable shipping material. The most cost efficient pallet pool system is your own system! Why advertise a pallet companies name and colour on your pallets when you could be advertising your own!

We have partners throughout the packaging industry, so please let us know if you have combination pallet and bulk bin, corrugate, or plastic bulk bag needs.